Sliced Pasteurized Mushrooms

Sliced Pasteurized Mushrooms

Sliced Pasteurized Mushrooms

Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna, a leader in mushroom processing, presents sliced pasteurized mushrooms. Specially developed for the gastronomic sector, these mushrooms feature an exceptional, extended shelf life of up to 6 months from the production date, making them an ideal choice for restaurants, hotels, catering, and other enterprises in the industry.

Product Description

Our sliced pasteurized mushrooms are carefully selected and undergo a pasteurization process, ensuring their long-lasting freshness and preservation of natural flavor. Slicing the mushrooms before pasteurization is an innovative approach that saves time and increases efficiency in professional kitchens.

Type of Packagingworek PA/PE
Shelf Life6 m-cy od daty produkcji
Gross Weight7,5 kg
Net Weight5,0 kg
Number of Bags in One Carton2
Number of Cartons on a Pallet40

Product Advantages

  • Extended Durability: Thanks to pasteurization, the mushrooms maintain freshness for 6 months, minimizing losses and waste.
  • High Quality and Flavor: Carefully selected mushrooms guarantee excellent taste and quality in every piece.
  • Ready to Use: Sliced mushrooms offer convenience and time-saving, indispensable in the fast-paced kitchen environment.
  • Food Safety: Products comply with the highest EU standards and HACCP system.

Culinary Use

Sliced pasteurized mushrooms are ideal for a wide range of dishes – from traditional casseroles to elegant sauces and modern salads. Their readiness to use makes them an invaluable ingredient in any kitchen.

Quality and Safety

At Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna, we prioritize quality and safety. Our mushrooms are produced according to the highest standards, and their pasteurization occurs in controlled conditions to ensure the highest quality and safety of the product.

About the Company

Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna, with twenty years of experience, is a synonym for innovation and quality in the mushroom industry. Our commitment to delivering top-class products makes us a valued partner for many gastronomic enterprises.

Choosing sliced pasteurized mushrooms means investing in a product that combines innovation, convenience, and excellent taste. Their long-lasting durability, safety, and versatility make them an essential element in every professional kitchen. We invite you to try our mushrooms.