Mushrooms in natural brine - jar

Mushrooms in natural brine - jar

Mushrooms in natural brine - jar

Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna introduces mushrooms in natural brine - a product that combines the richness of tradition with modern processing technology, creating a unique addition to various dishes. As specialists in mushroom processing, we are proud to offer a product that satisfies the tastes of both home cooks and professional chefs.

Product Description

Our mushrooms in natural brine are carefully selected and processed to preserve their natural aroma and texture. Each mushroom is delicately sliced and immersed in our specially developed brine. This brine not only preserves the mushrooms but also enriches their flavor, making them an ideal addition to a wide range of dishes.

Type of PackagingNumber of Pieces in a PackNumber of Pieces in a LayerNumber of Pieces on a Pallet
320 ml101601440
500 ml896864
720 ml896672
815 ml896576
1700 ml254324
We also produce in jars of capacity: 240 ml, 280 ml, 315 ml, 480 ml, 580 ml, 900 ml, 960 ml.

Product Advantages

  • Highest Quality: Our mushrooms are selected and processed with the utmost care, guaranteeing their highest quality.
  • Natural Flavor: Thanks to the use of natural ingredients, our mushrooms in brine retain a true, rich flavor.
  • Versatility: They are an excellent addition to many dishes, from traditional appetizers to modern main courses.
  • Long-lasting Freshness: The shelf life is as long as 24 months from the production date.

Culinary Use

Mushrooms in natural brine from Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna are a versatile addition that fits well in many kitchens. They perfectly complement Italian dishes like pizza or lasagna, are a wonderful addition to salads, soups, and meat dishes. They can also be used as a tasty ingredient in sandwiches and snacks.

Quality and Safety

We place great emphasis on the quality and safety of our products. Our mushrooms in brine are produced according to the highest standards, ensuring their safety and excellence. All our products comply with EU food norms and adhere to HACCP principles.

About the Company

Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna is a company with a long tradition in mushroom processing. Our experience and commitment to creating the highest quality products mean that our mushrooms in natural brine are the number one choice for many customers.

Why Choose Our Mushrooms?

By choosing mushrooms in natural brine from Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna, you are opting for a product that is the fruit of years of experience and a passion for excellence. We offer not only exceptional products but also guarantee that each jar of our mushrooms is a promise of quality, taste, and freshness.

We encourage contact and orders. Our mushrooms in natural brine are the ideal choice for anyone who values the highest quality and natural ingredients. Discover the uniqueness of Magro MK Grolik Spółka Jawna - your partner in the world of excellent flavors and quality.